Billiard Games and Official Rules

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Billiards seems like a straightforward game. Pool balls are set up on a table, and players take turns using cues to strike the balls and send them into the table’s pockets. However, there are many different types of billiards games, and each has a distinct set of rules.

General Billiards Rules

No matter what type of billiards game you’re playing, some general rules must be followed. In many games, the pool balls are divided by stripes and solids, and players must only shoot their assigned ball pattern. In some games, players are allowed to knock the other player’s balls, but in others, this is prohibited. If a player knocks the cue ball into a pocket, it is considered a foul.

Types of Billiards Games

Each billiards game has a different set of rules. Some games, such as 8-, 9-, and 10-ball pool, use a different number of balls. Continuous or straight pool is the most popular game, and it’s played with a full set of balls. One-pocket pool is also popular, especially in the U.S. In this game, each player is assigned a particular pocket and must shoot their pool balls into only that pocket.

Keep Your Pool Table in Top Shape

One of the most important parts of a fair billiards game is ensuring that all of the equipment is in top shape. The cues should be sturdy, and the pool balls should all be even, without any chips. The pool table itself must also have an even felt surface, and the pockets should be intact and open. Even the cushioning in the bumpers can change how the balls move, so it’s important to always have your billiards table regularly serviced to make sure it’s in working order for fair play.

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