All About Building Billiards Tables

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At first glance, a billiards table looks like a simple object. They’re flat, fabric-covered, and framed with bumpers. There’s far more than meets the eye, however. Billiards tables are more complex and finely crafted than you might imagine. Here’s a bit about how they’re made. We’ll cover the materials used and explain why so much care goes into building each new billiards table.

Billiards Table Construction Materials

Most people believe that wood is the main component of a billiards table’s playing surface. In fact, the surface of most billiards tables isn’t made of wood at all — it’s made of slate. Most of the slate used for the surface of billiards tables comes from Italy, but it’s not unusual for manufacturers to use slate from India, Brazil, or China too.

Billiards table manufacturers typically cut the slate to exact specifications using diamond blades. The average billiards table slate is 0.75 inches thick, and manufacturers go to great pains to see that it’s as level and uniform as possible because the slightest slant in the playing surface will make the resulting table worthless. Felt made of wool or a wool and nylon blend then covers the slate to create a soft, smooth finish.

The frame, cabinet, and legs of a billiards table are the parts made principally of wood. There are a variety of woods used to make billiards tables including:

  • Cherry
  • Mahogany
  • Rosewood
  • Poplar
  • Walnut

Vulcanized rubber forms the bumpers affixed to the rails of a billiards table. They’re also covered with the same felt material as the playing surface for a uniform look.

The Assembly of a Billiards Table

For the most part, craftsmen assemble each billiards table by hand. At every stage of assembly, they also double-check that every joint and seam is as close to perfect as possible to ensure that the table’s even and free of any defects that might affect play. With so many parts joined to create a billiards table, the possibility of error is high, so no efforts are spared in the assembly process.

Trust the Billiards Experts

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