What’s Inside My Billiard Balls?

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Pool is a recognizable cue sport that requires a specific table, billiard balls, and cue stick. The rules and equipment used in pool have dramatically changed from their original creation centuries ago. Even the materials used to make the iconic billiard balls have changed over time.

Billiard Balls

Early billiard balls were often made of clay or wood that could easily be procured and molded. Higher-class players would use strong animal bones or ivory, which led to the balls being called ivories for some time. However, due to excessive elephant hunting and the minimal number of balls able to be made from elephant tusks, players soon looked for other more accessible materials.

The billiard industry in the mid to late 1800s challenged scientists and inventors to come up with improved alternative materials. It was the efforts of these intelligent creators that eventually led to the billiard balls in use today. Inventors of the time created preliminary plastics that would eventually be modified and adjusted over time to create durable and resistant pool balls.

Common materials used in billiard balls today include Bakelite, phenolic resin, and clear acrylic. Some pool balls are even made of a form of polyester material like bowling balls. Artistic competitions often have different rules that allow players to use special equipment made of higher quality materials.

Today’s billiard balls are made of heavy-duty compounds created to withstand constant movement and substantial force. Due to their overall strength, a set of billiard balls can remain unchipped and useful for years.

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