What Accessories Do I Need For A Pool Table?

Pool Table in Phoenix, Arizona

Owning a pool table is a major investment. Besides the table itself, there are several accessories you need to have. The accessories help you play the game and keep your table clean.

Pool Cues

You need pool cues to play the game. They’re traditionally made of wood. However, you can now choose pool cues made of carbon fiber, graphite and fiberglass. You can choose from different lengths and weights.

Pool Balls

You also need balls to play pool. There are 15 numbered balls and a white one. While usually the numbered balls are split into stripes and solids in the United States, other colors are used around the world. They’re made of plastic, polyester, acrylics and resins.

Bridge Sticks

When playing pool, it sometimes happens you can’t hit the white ball without lying on the table. On such occasions, you can use a bridge stick. You place the bridge stick on the table behind the white ball, place your cue in it, and hit the ball.

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You need a rack to play pool. A rack is a framed piece of wood in which you place the balls to start the game. They’re usually triangular, although there are also diamond and magic racks available for the different variants of pool.


You use chalk on pool cues to help you play better. Using chalk adds friction to the cues, which prevents the balls from sliding off the cue prematurely.

Other Accessories

There are several other pool accessories. These include soft brushes, cue repair kits, table covers, wall racks, training balls and more.

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