New Pool Tables Games for Your Holiday Guests

Pool table Phoenix, AZ
Updated: January 31, 2024

While pool tables are typically used to play eight-ball, they can have unlimited uses during the holiday season. When thinking of entertainment options for your holiday get-togethers, consider these fun activities that can make your pool table the star of the show.

Themed Eight-Ball

Every level of pool player can play this traditional singles or doubles game. Red, green or gold felt can be cut and laid out on the pool table to add holiday flare. The billiard balls can be painted with temporary, washable paint to look like ornaments or other holiday figures. This classic pool game can be easily themed to match the holiday with some safe paint and swaths of felt.

White Elephant

Add more incentive to any active pool game by having players win gifts. Assemble up to six piles of White Elephant gifts and label each pool table pocket with a number that corresponds to the gifts. Players will need to get the ball into a certain pocket to pick a gift from that pile. White Elephant gifts can have a variety of value and be as practical as headphones or as funny as an empty box.

Kelly Pool

This pool game is great for up to 15 players and tasks each playing with fulfilling a secret goal. Every player must get a specific and unique ball in a pocket. This is a rotation game where the balls need to be pocketed in order of their numbers. This holiday game can be a fun way to entertain guests while they snack with a potential gift available for the winner.

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