Is It Safe to Keep a Pool Table Outside?

Pool Balls in Phoenix, AZ

A quality pool table is a timeless addition to any Phoenix, Arizona home. Finely crafted from gorgeous hardwood and felt, some pool tables can last for decades. However, if you’re creating the perfect outdoor kitchen and entertainment area, you shouldn’t make your prized pool table its centerpiece. The same materials that last long indoors won’t hold up well in the natural elements.

Damaging UV Rays, Moisture, and Heat

In general, dramatic changes in temperature and humidity, ongoing exposure to UV light, heavy wind, and rain all take their toll. Over time, warped wood and increased felt resistance will diminish the quality of your games. As a pool table’s bumpers continually expand and contract due to temperature fluctuations, even these components will become misshapen, cracked, and brittle.

Your Garage Is Also Less Than Ideal

If you have a finely crafted pool table, even storing it in your garage is less than ideal. The same changes in temperature and humidity that occur outdoors are often mirrored in these spaces. Blown-in grit and sand can blemish wood finishes, rough up felt, and leave your bumpers looking frazzled.

What About Outdoor Pool Tables?

For some pool buffs, the solution is to invest in durable outdoor tables. Rather than having wood as their base, these tables are built with rugged, metal frames. Instead of felt, they have slick, waterproof surfaces. Unfortunately, metal construction and slick surfaces, along with other differences in their designs, can throw even the most seasoned players off their game.

Outdoor Protection for Hardwood and Felt Pool Tables

If having a traditional wood and felt table as the final, finishing element in your outdoor design is an absolute must, you must have a plan for protecting it. Your table should have a quality and well-fitted dust cover that’s put on every time you finish a game. It should also be positioned in a heavily shaded or covered area and have special UV coverage.

There are also several wood protectants and felt cleaners that might minimize weathering and preserve the aesthetic beauty of your table. However, when making the decision to move a prized table outside, it’s best to get needs-specific preventative maintenance advice from your pool table manufacturer, mover, or re-felting service.

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