Is It Pool or Billiards?

Pool and Billiards in Phoenix, AZ

Certainly, a question for the ages, are pool and billiards the same thing? No doubt this has been debated over many a bar argument, but the quick answer actually is no. Instead, pool and billiards refer to different games. Let’s explore why pool and billiards aren’t the same.

The Games

Technically, the term billiards includes pool as one of the games, but billiards is far more than just pool. Billiards games are separated into carom billiards and pocket billiards. Further, pocket billiards is divided into pool, snooker, and English billiards. Therefore, billiards can be considered the term for all games that are played with a cue stick and cue ball. So, pool is actually a subcategory of billiard games, also known as cue games.

The Tables

Billiard games are played on different types of tables differing in size, color, and number of pockets. While a pool table is usually about seven to nine feet long, other billiard tables can be larger, perhaps up to 10 or 12 feet. A billiard table can have up to four or six pocket cushions. Meanwhile, a pool table is taller than other tables, and its surface is generally colored to differentiate it from other games.

The Rules

The number of balls in a pool game range from about eight to 15. Therefore, the setup of the game varies, but the number of pockets in each game is the same. The games may differ on the number of balls. Everything else remains the same, including the rules and regulations. Also, pool balls are divided into two categories, the most obvious being stripes and solids. Billiard games use more balls, which are smaller and all solid. Rules vary drastically depending on the type of billiard game you’re playing.

Now You Know

You can now play either pool or billiards in confidence and understand which game you are actually playing! When you visit the Billiard Gallery in Phoenix, you’ll have the opportunity to shop all types of tables for any game you wish to play. We also have a huge selection of game room furniture, jukeboxes, and arcade games. We have all the game room essentials, too. Call us today to learn more.