How To Clean Pool Table Felt

pool table
Updated: January 31, 2024

Pool tables are an expensive investment, so you want to take good care of them. It’s important to know how to clean the felt so you don’t accidentally damage it. If you clean the felt in the right way, your pool table can last for many years.

Clean With a Brush

You should buy a brush that’s specifically designed for felt. They have very soft bristles, so they don’t harm the table. Move dirt from the interior of the table to its outer ends. Use light strokes; make sure you never use circular ones. Once the dirt is piled up on the ends, vacuum it up.

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Vacuum the Table

You’ll now need to use the vacuum on the entire felt surface. Use a low-power one, as powerful vacuums will harm the felt. You can use an attachment to make the job easier. However, you should go slowly so you get as much dirt removed as possible.

Gently Remove Spills

If someone spilled a drink on your pool table, you need to be gentle when dealing with it. Place a cloth or towel on the liquid as quickly as possible. Next, dampen the cloth and blot the stain. Don’t make rubbing motions. Repeat this step as needed. You can use a dry towel afterward so the felt dries out faster.

Felt Cleaners

You can also buy a felt cleaner to deal with spills. Spray it on the felt and use a cloth to wipe the foam away. Don’t rub back and forth, though, as that can damage the felt.

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