Factors to Consider for Pool Table Light Installation

Billiard tables

Many factors come into play when installing a pool table in your home. You will want plenty of room to shoot around and ensure you have a level playing surface so balls do not roll or move on their own. Another factor to consider is pool table lighting.

A pool table light hangs over the center of the table to provide clear visuals of the playing surface. Check out some of the issues to consider regarding your pool table lighting needs in Phoenix, Arizona.

Pool Table Location

The location of your pool table can make a big difference in whether you need lights. Areas like finished basements may not have enough natural light to illuminate the pool table properly. Other rooms with limited natural light might create harsh shadows that affect your ability to see clearly. If you have any of these lighting issues, consider overhead table lighting so you do not need to pick a different spot for the pool table.

Current Overhead Lighting Options

Not all lights offer optimal lighting for a pool table, such as ceiling lights like recessed lighting. If a light sits too high above the table, players’ bodies will create shadows on the table and make it hard to see.

The only type of ceiling light that might provide ideal lighting is lighting attached to a ceiling fan. The lights will typically hang over the table, and a ceiling fan with multiple light sockets can help cover the whole table. If you choose this option, you will want to center the table directly under the light.

Advantages of a Pool Table Light

A pool table light installation not only provides illumination on the table but also becomes the room’s focal point. The light adds a nice aesthetic, and you can choose from multiple designs. Modern LED lights will help you save money on electricity and may come with additional features like dimming.

At Billiard Gallery in Phoenix, AZ, we offer light and pool table installations to ensure your billiard room layout fits your needs. We also offer a wide range of other billiard services. These services include refelting, leveling, and pocket replacement. We can also help with other recreational items like indoor shuffleboards and poker tables. Contact us today to set up repairs, installation, or new item purchases.