5 Choices to Make to Get Your Hands on the Perfect Pool Table

Pool Table Guide in Phoenix, AZ

Though it began in France centuries ago, the game of Billiards, or “pool”, has since become a family favorite. Because pool tables range so much in price, it’s important to know what you really want out of a pool table before you invest in one. Five of the biggest factors to consider when choosing the perfect pool table are outlined below.

1. Slate Is the Best Option

For the smoothest experience and best accuracy, choosing a pool table with slate is the way to go. Alternatives like plywood, slatex, and fiberboard simply don’t deliver the best results.

2. A Good Frame Makes a Good Table

A truly good pool table is dependent on the wood frame. With excellent pool tables, you can expect to find that the slate has been framed with wood glued to the bottom, along with cross beams for additional sturdiness.

3. Strong Legs Are Imperative

Along with a sturdy frame must come strong legs that can not only hold the weight of the structure itself but can also support the added weight of players taking shots or leaning on the table. Of the two types of legs, post or perfect legs, although typically more expensive, are considered the most reliable since they’re made entirely of wood.

4. Felt Should Be Durable

Modern pool table felt is usually made of a wool and nylon blend. An ounce weight per yard of felt of between 18 and 22 ounces is considered durable. Purchasing a table with durable felt is well worth it.

5. Cushions That Last

When looking for the right cushions or rails, you should seek those that have a standard K-66 profile. These use natural gum materials and will provide a long-lasting, predictable bounce.

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