Pool Table Maintenance Requirements

If you take good care of your pool table, it may last 20 years or more. Performing maintenance on a pool table isn’t hard work, but you do need to be disciplined about it. Billiard Gallery of Phoenix, AZ, sells pool table accessories, including specially designed pool table brushes. We’ve been in business since 2004. Here’s how we recommend you care for your pool table.

Play Safely

The first step is to take care of your pool table when you play. Don’t chalk the tip of your cue frequently, and do so away from the table. This keeps chalk dust from accumulating on the surface of the pool table. You also shouldn’t dig the tip into the felt when making shots since this can cause tears to develop.

Cloth Cleaning

You can buy a pool table brush or soft bristle brush to clean the cloth. You should brush away chalk and dust whenever you complete a game. Brush in one direction instead of in a circle and sweep debris into a pocket.

Frame Cleaning

Use a brush to clean under the rails. The rail, cabinet and legs can be cleaned with a soft dry cloth. Use a wood cleaner if there is grime you need to remove.


Pool balls collect and spread dust, chalk and debris around your table. The balls should be cleaned using a microfiber cloth after each game. You shouldn’t use any other cleaner on the balls unless it’s really necessary.

Pool Cues

Wipe down the pool cues when you’re done playing. You can use a wood cleaner on them every few months. The cue tips should be replaced whenever they’re damaged. Otherwise, they can hurt the table.


The pockets can be wiped down with a soft cloth and vacuumed out. For leather pockets, use a specially designed oil-based product.

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