How To Clean a Pool Table

Since pool tables have a large, flat surface, they tend to collect dust and dirt. How you clean this surface can be the difference between enjoying your pool table for years or needing to replace the entire felt covering. Read on to learn how to properly clean your pool table.

Cleaning the Felt

You never want to clean the felt surface in circles or side to side. Instead, use straight motions down the length of the pool table. There are special brushes you can buy specifically for this purpose. Companies like the Billiard Gallery of Phoenix sell pool tables and accessories.

Once all of the dirt and dust is at one end, sweep it onto a thin piece of cardboard. You can use a dustpan, but make sure the end is soft plastic rather than metal or hard plastic.

Clean the Pockets and Spills

You should use a clean, damp towel to wipe out the pockets. Some people use a vacuum, but if you accidentally vacuum the felt, you could damage it.

If liquid spills on your pool table, get a clean, white, damp paper towel or cloth. Lay it over the spill and let it absorb the liquid. You may need to do this a few times to get everything. If the spill is older, use warm water on a paper towel or cloth. Never use soap as that can leave a mark and residue on your pool table.

Cleaning the Billiard Balls

Your billiard balls also collect dirt and dust. You can use warm water and detergent on these to clean them. Once you’re done, leave them out to air-dry before putting them back on the pool table.

Phoenix Pool Table Experts

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