Cue Sticks: Should I Buy a Heavy or Light One?

Updated: February 9, 2024

All cue sticks share some basic characteristics. They are designed to be long and straight and intended to make solid contact with the cue ball every time. One of the primary differences distinguishing one cue stick from another is its weight, and the weight of your pool cue can make a big difference in how you play. Ultimately, whether you use a heavy stick or a light one comes down to personal preference and the way you approach the game.

Tips for Choosing a Heavy or Light Cue

Most professional players use cue sticks that weigh between 19 and 19.5 ounces, but there are pool cues available as light as 15 ounces and as heavy as 27 ounces. Lighter ones offer more in terms of feel, but they can be harder to use to put a spin on the ball. If you are a beginner player, a 20-ounce pool cue will give you the weight necessary to make solid contact, and it will be a little more forgiving than a lighter stick.

Developing Your Pool Game

As you develop into a more experienced player, it makes sense to move to a 19- or 19.5-ounce pool cue as soon as you can. One of these will be slightly less forgiving for straight power shots and less effective with spin, but it will give you more accuracy once you are experienced enough to use it.

Choosing the Perfect Pool Cue for You

In the end, your choice of pool cue will depend on how it behaves in your hands. It would be a good idea to try out several different models before you commit to a particular weight. Billiard Gallery in Phoenix has a wide selection of cue sticks available in stock for you to try. Whether you are a beginner or a pro, looking for a heavy pool cue or a light one, we have the solution to your billiards needs.

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