What are Other Games that can be Played on a Pool Table?

Many people know how to play standard eight-ball or nine-ball, which are fun games, but there are a number of other games you can play using a pool table as well. Some of these other options are Baseball Billiards, One Pocket and Bowlliards. Read on so that you can learn how to play each game.

Baseball Billiards

The game of baseball billiards was created in 1912, and each player is allowed nine innings to score as many “runs” as he or she can. In order to play this game, you will need 21 balls and an oversized rack. The nine ball that is located at the center of the rack is the “pitcher,” while home plate is the table’s foot spot. Except on the break, when you make a shot, you need to indicate the ball and intended pocket. The winner of the game will have the highest number of runs when all players have gone through nine innings.


One-pocket is meant for two players or two teams and is a game of skill and accuracy. Each player chooses a corner pocket, and the goal is to score eight object balls before anyone else does. One-pocket is a favorite among gamblers, and the game is similar to chess in that it has a start, middle and finish.


Bowlliards comes from 10-pin bowling, and it is often used as a warm-up game. At the start of the frame, 10 object balls are racked with the front ball at the foot spot. The first player tries to get as many balls in the pockets as he or she can before missing. The process ends when all players have had an attempt. The first player gets another turn if balls remain on the table after everyone has finished. It is possible for players to score a strike or spare as they would in 10-pin bowling.

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