How To Play Shuffleboard

Updated: February 9, 2024

Interested in learning a new game you can enjoy with friends? Shuffleboard is a fun game for all ages. It began as a table game, although it can also be played on a deck. One of the best things about shuffleboard is it’s easy to learn. There are also many variations to keep things interesting or add a bit more of a challenge. Here’s how to play the game so that you can get the most use out of your shuffleboard table in Phoenix, AZ.

Basic Rules of Shuffleboard

While rules vary, some basic shuffleboard guidelines will apply to most games. The game is played by taking turns sliding weights or pucks across the board and against your opponent’s weights. Your goal is to land your pucks in the highest scoring area of the board without falling off the scoring board into the alley. As you play, you can attempt to knock your opponent’s pucks off the board or even use your pucks to protect pucks in high-scoring areas. Most shuffleboard games are played until someone scores 15 or 21 points.

How to Score a Shuffleboard Game

The shuffleboard scoring area has three sections. Here’s how points are awarded:
  • Puck hanging off the edge: Four points
  • Puck closest to the edge: Three points
  • Short middle section: Two points
  • Long middle section: One point

After all of the pucks have been shot, the points are added up. The first step is to see who has a puck closest to the edge. Points are then awarded for every puck that goes farther than the opponent’s best shot.

Other Ways to Play Shuffleboard

There are many variations of basic shuffleboard rules. One of the most popular and simple ways to play shuffleboard is called Knock Off Shuffleboard. It’s played one-on-one or in teams of two, and only one team scores per round. The team with a puck closest to the end of the board scores and all of the pucks ahead of the opponent’s best score are counted. Pucks must be past the designated foul line to count.

Another fun way to play shuffleboard is Horse Collar Shuffleboard, which plays to 51 points and introduces high-scoring shots. The winner must have at least 51 points and the last shot in their hand to win. All pucks past the foul line can count once there’s at least one puck in the three-point area. In Horse Collar, pucks in the corners are worth 26 points, while pucks in the middle are worth 13 points.

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