Are you Gripping Your Cue Stick Correctly?

Updated: January 31, 2024

Even with the best equipment, you still need to master the fundamentals of how to play the game if you hope to shoot pool well consistently. Holding the cue stick properly will not only make you feel more stable and confident at the table, but it will also improve your ability to make more precise shots. A comfortable grip should help you to relax and enjoy the sport. Here are some basic cue stick mechanics.

How Do You Grip the Cue Stick With the Back Hand?

It may seem simple enough, but there are a number of different grips that have been used in the past for even the driving hand. Whether you pinch it with two, three or four fingers or if you just grab a fistful of the cue, the key to a solid shot is confidence in the back-hand grip. You need to hold the stick loosely enough that it allows some finesse in the wrist so you can complete a full stroke with comfort and ease.

How Does the Cue Stick Fit Into Your Forward Hand?

Many hand placements and finger arrangements are possible with the forward hand that lies on the pool table itself, which changes the potential for the hold. Some of the more popular choices used for common shots with standard access are with a flat palm and raised knuckles on the index and middle fingers to create a notch for the stick. Some cross a finger over the end, and others use the flesh between the thumb and first finger to cradle it; just find a comfortable position, and be sure the stick flows freely.

Helpful Tips to Remember

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