5 Billiard Shooting Tips to Improve Your Pool Game

Updated: January 31, 2024

When you’re a beginner pool player, you can make big strides in your game by focusing on a few basic tips. With a little focus and some practice, you can improve in a short period of time. Follow these five tips so that you can improve your pool game and start working your way up the food chain.

1. Start Off With a Clean Break

Every game starts with a break. Therefore, if you want to improve, it is only natural that you start from the beginning. A good break will determine whether you get into a good flow or become stuck early on. Not having the ability to break cleanly is like starting off a game of football with a fumble; you’re handing your opponent an advantage from the very start.

When breaking, use considerably more force than you would on a regular shot. Drive through the shot with your arm and your hips while keeping perfect alignment so you do not lose precision.

2. Perfect Your Posture

Proper posture is key to getting power and accuracy in your shots. However, everyone has a different body type. Your height, arm and leg length, shoulder width, and other factors make you different from other players. You want to focus on keeping your head low so that you can line up your cue stick with the cue ball. Put enough distance between your legs so that you can get down to that level by bending your knees comfortably.

3. Keep Your Grip Relaxed

Novices make the mistake of tensing up during a stroke. Keeping your grip relaxed during the entire stroke is essential for improving your game.

4. Don’t Drop Your Elbow

You want to be mindful of not dropping your elbow during the stroke into the ball. Any amount of torque can disrupt your shot.

5. Practice on Your Own

Much like a basketball player spends time practicing free throws and other types of shots, you will need to put in some time and work on your basics like drilling straight shots, creating different bank shots, and even putting English on the ball. You will find that the improvement will show in your competitive games.

If you follow these tips, you’ll eventually notice some major improvements. Make note of your development with every visit to the pool hall. Better yet, put your very own pool table in your Phoenix home for hours of practice and fun. Contact us at Billiard Gallery to find out how our professionals can improve your current table or install a new one for you.

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