We’re the Best Pool Table Movers in Phoenix, Here’s Why

Pool Table Movers in Phoenix, AZ

You might think that you could just have the movers that you hire to move your furniture move your pool table. Less experienced movers may try to move your table simply by lifting it, but you cannot move a billiards table the same as a kitchen table. Billiard Gallery offers moving services in addition to pool table service and repair, and here are five reasons why Phoenix residents should choose us to move their pool tables.

1. We Work on Your Schedule

You phone or email us to schedule an appointment that’s convenient for you. We travel to your home or business at the appointed time to disassemble your pool table, and we immediately move it to your new location.

2. We Take Great Care With Your Pool Table

We start by carefully removing the table bolts and unfastening the pool table’s pockets. We unfasten the felt so that it won’t become marred during the move. We load all the small parts into an enclosed box. The next step is to mark the slate for proper replacement, and then, we remove the slate screws and leg bolts. Once the table is completely disassembled, we load all the parts carefully into our truck and drive it to your new location.

3. We Understand the Importance of Proper Reassembly

We take the same care in reassembling your table that we do for customers who purchase new tables from us. To ensure that you have the best play possible on your pool table, we level the table. We re-apply the slate seams, re-attach the surface felt, align the rails, and re-fasten all the table parts.

4. We Double-check Our Work

We ensure that all pool table parts are reattached properly. We want to know before we leave your home or office that you are completely satisfied with how we reassembled your billiards table. Our goal is that you will have the same or better play on it than you had before your move.

5. Our Clients Vouch for Us

You need not just take our word for it. Our clients leave us rave reviews. Read our testimonials page to learn what our clients say about our tables, delivery, moving services, and setup.

Contact Billiard Gallery today for more information on our moving service. We also sell pool tables, shuffleboards, and poker tables, and we can custom build the gaming table of your dreams. We can even provide repairs or maintenance for tables that you didn’t buy from us. Give us a call, or come by to shop today.