Types of Billiard Racks

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Updated: February 9, 2024

Billiard racks are sporting equipment made of wood, plastic, or metal and are used to rack the billiard balls into the desired playing formation before starting a game. Although there are different types of pool games, the concept of starting the game is the same. The following are different types of billiard racks for pool games.

8-Ball Billiard Rack

The 8-ball billiard rack is the most common equipment used in racking balls for billiard games. It is a triangular rack with an inner width of 11.25 inches and a height of 10 inches. When using the 8-ball billiard rack to play, 15 balls are put inside the frame, with the 8 ball placed in the middle. In addition, an apex ball is placed at the tip of the triangular rack facing the head of the pool table. Apart from the 8 ball, any ball can be used as the apex ball. A solid ball is placed on one corner of the rack, and a stripe ball is placed on the remaining corner. The other balls are placed randomly throughout the billiard rack in the remaining spaces.

9-Ball Billiard Rack

Besides the 8-ball rack, the 9-ball billiard rack is also common. The 9-ball rack has a diamond shape with an inner height of 10 inches and an inner width of 6.75 inches. When racking balls using the 9-ball billiard rack, the 1 ball is placed at the apex of the rack pointing toward the pool table’s head. Only the 1 ball can be used as the apex ball when racking balls using the diamond rack. Like the 8 ball, the 9 ball is placed at the center of the diamond billiard rack. The other balls are then placed randomly to fill the remaining spaces in the rack.

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The 8-ball billiard rack and the 9-ball billiard racks are the most common types of racks used to set up the desired formation in a pool game. If you’re looking to outfit your home with a new billiard table, need some new accessories, or want to make sure your home table is level, reach out to Billiard Gallery today!

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