Tips To Improve Your Shuffleboard Game

Shuffleboard Tips in Phoenix, AZ

Shuffleboard is becoming an increasingly popular tabletop game at parties or casual hangouts. While the basic mechanics of the game are fairly straightforward, you want to be at your A-game when the next shot is the tiebreaker. Here are a few techniques to help improve your shuffleboard game.

Work the Angles

Similar to billiards, shuffleboard is a game of angles. You need to determine where best to shoot from and how much weight to give in order to leverage those angles. For example, some shots may look impossible to hit, such as if your opponent’s weight is guarded by another one of their weights. By picking the correct angle on your next shot and banking it off the side of the table, it’s possible to knock your opponent’s weights out of the way.

Pick Up New Shooting Strategies

Playing the same trick shots, again and again, makes your play style predictable, and it’s something that your opponents can take advantage of. If you’re playing a casual game of shuffleboard, that’s completely fine. But, if you’re playing a competitive match, having multiple shooting techniques will make you a more well-rounded player. Techniques that you can learn include spin or the Old English shot, side wheeling shot, and stick shot.

Guard Your Pucks

Also referred to as blocking your pucks, this strategy keeps your weights from getting thrown off the board, especially if they’re in high-scoring areas. You can accomplish this by throwing pucks in front of your high-value ones so that they block your opponents. To execute the strategy effectively, keep a good distance between the blocking puck and the high-value puck. Throwing too close to your high-value puck could hit it and move it, thereby defeating its original purpose.

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