Things You Probably Didn’t Know About the Game of Pool

Some form of pool has been played since the 1340s. While a lot of people play pool, there are some things about the game that a lot of people don’t know. Here are a few of these hidden gems.

Pool Cues

Pool cues are made using trees expressly grown for just that purpose. While most people just play with a single pool cue, professional pool players have three in their arsenal. The break cue is used to start the game, the jump cue is for making jump shots and the playing cue is used for all other shots.

It Started as an Outside Game

The game of pool started outdoors and was similar to croquet. It was so popular of a game that people wanted to play it in the winter, not just when it was nice outside. It eventually became exclusively an indoor game, with the green felt on the pool table representing a lawn.

It Was Considered a Sin

The Catholic Church denounced playing pool as a sin in the 1500s. It was banned in France for many years. It was also banned in several U.S. states for a number of years. Despite this, Thomas Jefferson owned a pool table as he loved the game.

Cushions Were Designed to Keep Balls on the Table

Cushions were originally installed on pool tables just to keep the balls from rolling off them. Before long, smart players figured out they could shoot the balls off the cushions to make shots.

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