Billiard Tips for Beginners

Billiard Table

Almost everyone starts out playing pool poorly. It takes time to master the game, but there are a few tips you should know at the outset. If you do, your play will improve more rapidly and your skills will quickly increase. It’s important to get the basics right from the beginning so you don’t have to waste time later unlearning bad habits.

Aim Properly

You need to learn the relationship between the cue ball, the object ball, and the point of contact. The cue ball is the white ball, the object ball is the one you want to hit and the point of contact is where you should strike the object ball to make it go where you want. It helps to imagine a straight line from the object ball to the pocket you want it to go into.

Ghost Ball

Imagining there’s a ghost ball can help. Visualize a ghost ball actually sitting in the position where the cue ball needs to be as it strikes the object ball. You then simply shoot the cue ball to that position. If you’ve calculated properly, it will strike the object ball at the precise angle to send it into the pocket. You can also use your stick to help line up the shot.

Pool Stance

Like any other sport, you need a good body foundation when playing pool. Adopt a strong stance, and make sure it’s aligned with your shot line. You should also check that there’s enough clearance behind you.


You need to chalk your stick before every shot. If you don’t do this, you have a much higher chance of a miscue. There are several good brands of chalk. Once you find one that works reliably for you, it’s a good idea to stay with it.

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