Basic Pool Table Maintenance Tips

Pool Table Maintenance Tips in Phoenix, AZ

If you take care of your pool table, it will last longer and make playing games on it more fun. Pool tables are expensive, so taking care of yours is a perfect idea.

Felt Care

The felt on the table is the most important thing to take care of. It’s also the most easily damaged, both during play and otherwise. Keep the felt free of dust and make sure everyone chalks their cues away from the table. Damaged felt interferes with play and is unsightly.

Brush the felt in one direction toward the pockets. The brush should be either nylon or horse bristle, as they are gentle and won’t damage the felt. Use a large brush so you get the job done faster. Brush the table after every 10 hours of play or at least once a week. If you don’t cover your table when not in use, you may need to brush it more frequently.


You can vacuum your pool table but use one that has a low power setting. Vacuuming can remove stubborn chalk, dust, pet hair and other debris. Use the brush attachment so you don’t damage the felt. Only use a vacuum on your pool table every few months so you don’t excessively pull and stretch the felt.

Pool Table Cover

You should cover your pool table whenever it’s not being used. Whatever type of material the cover is made of it will prevent dust and debris from landing on your pool table. It’s especially important to cover your pool table if you own cats, as their claws will cause damage.

Wood Care

Your pool table should be treated just like any other wood furniture in your home. Polish the wood using a high-quality furniture polish to keep it at its best.

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