3 Signs It’s Time to Refelt Your Pool Table

Refelt Pool Table in Phoenix, AZ
Updated: February 9, 2024

Over time, the felt on your pool table gets damaged, and it no longer looks or functions as it did when it was new and pristine. Between the friction of the balls as they careen across the felt and the nicks and scratches that happen during intense play, it’s nearly impossible to keep a pool table in like-new condition. The good news is that a simple refelting will restore beauty and full function to your piece. These are three signs it’s time that your pool table gets a little TLC.

1. Play Is Impacted

Though an unattractive pool table is a bummer, it isn’t a deal breaker. However, poor performance and impacted play is. If you’ve noticed that the ball seems to roll slowly or to catch in places, refelting will be necessary to correct this issue. Another problem that can happen is the ball tending to change direction suddenly, which is a sign of damage beneath the top layer of felt.

2. It’s Visibly Damaged

A few nicks here and there aren’t sufficient reasons to rush for a felt replacement, but a pool table that’s full of nicks, scars, rips, and tracking marks would most likely benefit from refelting. Felt that’s clearly showing its age is ready to be replaced.

3. The Texture Has Changed

Lastly, gently run your fingers along the felt. If it’s rough against your fingertips or if it wrinkles against your touch, it’s time for repairs. Additionally, if the felt seems furry as though it’s fraying and ready to crumble, the table needs attention. The felt is going to start causing performance issues in the near future if it hasn’t already, so the table needs refelting sooner rather than later.

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3 Signs Its Time To Refelt Your Pool Table

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